Vegan & Cruelty Free
Why test on animals when humans will gladly tell you how they feel about the product? We love our fur babies and are against all forms of animal cruelty.
Inclusive Ideals
We’re firm believers that without representation, you are left seeking validation. We strive to make everyone feel welcomed at Majic Beauty and our specialty is serving the underserved beauty community!
Easy as 1,2,3
Somewhere along the way, beauty got super intimidating. We believe you should spend your time worrying about living instead of how you’re looking. Each of our products is easy to use and made with minimum skill set required.


MAJIC BEAUTY’s vision is to make the beauty enthusiasts dreams come true though a truly hygienic safe beauty brand with instant application processes.

With a unique combination of insight and technology into the world of beauty, we are the premier brand for acceleration & scaling in the beauty industry.

Our technology allows us to spontaneously create the latest beauty fashion as required, keeping us well ahead of other brands.


We are defining the Future of Cosmetics through our technological innovations by being the Clean & Safe Cosmetics brand created for women of all ages, ethnicities and lifestyles.

Clean Makeup
Cruelty Free.
Paraben Free.
No Nasty Fillers or Preservatives.
100% Hygienic.
Perfect for People With Sensitive Skin.
Just Press & Go!


You no longer need to trade beauty for health!
Majic Beauty is giving you back your time.
More Time, Less Stress!
Beautiful Looking Eye-shadow in Under 10 Seconds!
Just Press & Go!
100% Hygienic Beauty Brand with Instant Application Processes.

eyeMajic™ by Majic Beauty is the ORIGINAL Instant Eyeshadow application system.
Please be aware of imitations by copycat’s!